Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Scheme of Human Resources Development in Sports

Government of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports have revised the existing ‘Scheme relating to Talent Search & Training’ and renamed it as ‘Scheme of Human Resources Development in Sports’. This was announced by the Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports Shri Jitendra Singh here today. He said, the Government intends to give focus on developing human resources in sports sciences and sports medicine for the overall development of sports and games in the country. This will help the country be self reliant in these fields over a period of time in general and meet the requirements of the proposed National Institute of Sports Sciences and Medicines in particular. 
The Scheme will cover the following areas: 
(i) Award of Fellowships for specialized studies at Masters’ and Doctoral levels in the subjects namely, (a) Biomechanics (b) Kinesiology (c) Anthropometry (d) Exercise Physiology (e) Sports Psychology (f) General theory & method of training (GTMT) (g) Sports Medicine (h) Sports Nutrition & (i) Anti Doping
(ii) Award of Fellowships/Scholarships to sports specialists, coaches, support personnel and match officials for specialized studies in the respective areas
(iii) Financial grant for Research Projects relevant to sports and games 
(iv) Financial grant for Publication works/journals of high standard directly linked to sports and games
(v) Financial assistance for attending international Seminars, Conferences and Workshops on sports related matters
(vi) Holding Seminars, Conferences, Workshops and Camps on sports related matters in the country
The revised scheme will be implemented on pilot mode during the 12th Plan period. The estimated expenditure for the revised scheme during the current plan period will be around Rs 45.00 crore, which will be met from the total plan outlay of the Department. 
Top level Universities/Institutes, with world class facilities, have been identified for most of the subjects for the Fellowship Programme. The target is to give 10 such fellowships every year.

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