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Bio-Technology Parks

government of india
Details of the Biotechnology parks aided by Department of Biotechnology currently functioning in the country are as follows:

i.         Uttar Pradesh: Lucknow BT Park-The Park has been established at Lucknow with support from DBT and started operations from 2006.

ii.       Andhra Pradesh: Hyderabad BT Park-The Park has been established by CSIR-IICT and Govt. of AP with support from DBT and started operations from 2009.

iii.      Tamilnadu: TICEL Bio Park (Chennai)was established by Govt. of Tamilnadu in Chennai, India and is in operation since Nov, 2004.DBT had sanctioned grant for establishing a Biotechnology Core Instrumentation Facility (BTCIF).

iv.     Tamilnadu: The Golden Jubilee Biotech Park for Women (Siruseri, Kanchipuram District) was established by Govt. of Tamilnadu with support from DBT and is operationalsince 2001.

 Details of achievements of the above mentioned parks after being set up:

i.                     Lucknow Biotech Park:

         The park has generated employment for about 200 persons. To date 7-8 companies have graduated from the incubator and another 9 companies are in incubation.

         The Park has NABL accreditation for its analytical facilities and provides service to many agro-industries in the region. The plant tissue culture facility is also certified under DBT-BCIL certification program. They have an extraction unit, a bioinformatics unit and a bio-fuel unit. The park is also hosting HRD programs for research scholars and a Biotech finishing school.

ii.                Hyderabad Biotech Park:

World class facilities have been created for use by entrepreneurs on use and pay basis. There are 12 labs of 350 sq. ft each which is given out to incubate companies. Business centre approach is used in this Park and 9 companies, 74 scientists are working there. 

iii.                  TICEL Biotech Park:

         It has now achieved 100% occupancy with National and International clients. The tenancy area has 74 modules of 1525 sq.ft. each, available for clients to develop their own customized R&D labs of BSL2 standards, upgradeable to BSL3, in accordance with GLP standards.

iv.                 Golden Jubilee Biotech Park for women
         The Park has a Lab facility for providing Quality testing and Training programs as a means of providing hands-on experience and to generate revenue streams for the Park.

It is an Entrepreneurial facility for women Scientists aided with managerial skills and capable of making small-scale investment, to independently take up the functioning of the lab.

         At present the park is fully occupied. 80% comprises of 1st generation entrepreneurs. All entrepreneurs are women. In all there are 150 workers which includes 50-60% of women both skilled/unskilled.The total annual turnover is Rs. 5 Cr.

Several State Governments/Central Institutes have submitted proposals for setting up parks in states like Assam, Karnataka, Kerala, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal, Gujarat and Chattisgarh.

The details of parks proposed to be set up in near future state wise is as follows:

Ongoing Projects:

i.                     Assam: Guwahati Biotech Park
GoA has recently allotted a land measuring 17 acres to Guwahati Biotech Park. Facilities include 8 Modular Laboratories, Specialized & Support Facilities.Interim facilities have been created at IIT Guwahati in a building rented out to the State Govt for the Park/Incubator.

ii.                   Karnataka: Bangalore Biotech Park
The Park is under construction with25 Incubation suites ranging from 200 sft to 700 sft. Also has plan for Common Instrumentation facility, Mammalian and Plant tissue culture, Dark room/Cold room/Utilities, Animal house/Chemical store, Cafetaria/Meeting rooms/Conference rooms etc.

iii.                  Kerala:KINFRA Biotech Park
They are providing infrastructure for industries to incubate. They have labs with commercial facilities. 6 units are under construction. 20 acres land is available for lease to industries. The building has been completed.

iv.                 Odisha: Bio Pharma-IT Park, Andharua, Bhubaneswar

The facility is developed in Bhubaneswar on a land parcel of 64.61 Acres. The Park area has been demarcated and walled off and utilities have been provided. The construction of building for the incubator is yet to begin.Focus on Training Program & GMP quality facility.

Projects under consideration:

Proposals have also been received recently for setting up of Biotech Parks in the States of Madhya Pradesh (Chhindwara), Jammu and Kashmir (Jammu and Srinagar), Gujarat (Gandhinagar), West Bengal (Kolkota) &Chattisgarh. These proposals have been examined and the Coordinators have

Union Minister of Science & Technology and Earth Sciences Shri S.Jaipal Reddy gave this information in reply to a written question in the Lok  Sabha today.

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