Monday, 17 February 2014

Government Firm on Airports Development

Minister of Civil Aviation, Shri Ajit Singh
Minister of Civil Aviation, Shri Ajit Singh informed the Rajya Sabha today aboutthe status and future plans for development of infrastructure and flights handling capacity of domestic and international airport terminals at Tiruchirapalli, Madurai and Coimbatore.  The details are as given below:

Tiruchirapalli International Airport : The existing Integrated Passenger Terminal building was commissioned on 1st June 2009 having a total floor area of 11,777 sq.m to handle 470 peak hour passengers.
 Action has been initiated to expand the existing Integrated passenger Terminal building by constructing additional 17920  sqm. area to enhance the passenger handling capacity from 470 peak hour passengers to 1075 peak hour passengers and extension of apron to provide two  additional aircraft bays.

Madurai Airport : New Integrated Passenger Terminal building was commissioned in October 2010 capable to handle 700 peak hour passengers. The available airport infrastructure is presently adequate to meet the existing level of air traffic. 
Coimbatore  International Airport : Extended  and modified Integrated passenger terminal building was commissioned in October 2011. There is no further scope for expansion of the building to enhance the passenger handling capacity. 
Airports Authority of India (AAI) has plans to construct a new passenger terminal building complex on the other side of runway for which request has been made to Government of Tamil Nadu to  acquire and hand over additional 594 acres of land  to AAI. 
However, to enhance operational efficiency, additional two aerobridges are being considered in the existing Terminal Building along with the expansion of apron to have two additional aircraft parking bays.

Expenditure incurred in the 11th Five Year Plan and funds allocated in the current year and next financial year are as given below:
                                                              (Rs. in crores)
Airport             Expenditure                 2013-14                       2014-15 
11th Plan
Coimbatore     185.81                         -                                  0.03
Madurai           216.86                         3.00                             2.02
Tiruchirapalli   115.59                         0.05                             0.56

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