Thursday, 21 November 2013

Focus on National Dairy plan for meeting fast growing demand for milk in the country Shri Pawar briefs MPS on Progress of NDP-I

National Dairy Plan
The Government will fast-track the National Dairy Plan in the coming years to meet the fast growing demand of milk in the country. 

Briefing Members of Parliament about the first phase of the National Dairy Plan, which is being implemented in 14 States, Agriculture Minister Shri Sharad Pawar informed that the country would need about 150 million tonnes of milk by 2017 and over 180 MT by 2022. 

The Minister said that though the milk production has grown from 17 MT at the time of independence to more than 130 MT today, productivity of milch cattle will need to be increased significantly to meet the growing demand. 

Elaborating the importance of the dairy sector and the strategies being adopted under the National Dairy Plan, the Minister said “Dairy sector in the country is one of the most vibrant sectors of Indian economy. The value of milk production in the country is much higher than value of paddy and wheat production together. This sector engages around 7 crore households, mainly women from the families of small and marginal farmers. While the world milk production grew at the rate of 2.2 percent in last decade, our growth rate at 4.2 percent is almost double than the world average. In fact, not only in the dairy sector, but in majority of sectors of agriculture and allied activities such as food grain production, vegetable and fruits production, and even in fisheries we have achieved great success. In last few years, agriculture and allied sector has been credited with more than satisfactory performance. 

“With growing incomes, the demand for milk is increasing rapidly in the country. Emerging trends indicate that milk demand is likely to be 150 million tonnes at the end of 12th five year plan and more than 180 million tonnes by the end of 13th five year plan. To meet these demands the incremental annual production of milk must grow at a rate of 6 million tonnes per year over the next 10 years. Access to good quality milk as a source of nutrition, especially for children and women, could be ensured from higher levels of production of milk. Furthermore, it is essential to assist rural farmers to gain greater access to organized markets. 

“In this background Phase I of National Dairy Plan, with an expected investment of Rs. 2242 crore, was launched by the Ministry in April, 2012 with a focus to improve milch animal productivity and increase milk production through a scientific approach to breeding and feeding. The NDP strategy involves increasing the genetic potential of bovines, 

producing the required number of quality bulls, producing superior quality frozen semen and adopting adequate bio security measures. The scheme is being implemented by NDDB through various end implementing agencies like State Livestock development Boards, State Milk Federations, Producer Companies, Subsidiaries of Statutory bodies, ICAR Institutes and Veterinary/Dairy Institutes/Universities and Trusts. NDP-I will focus on 14 major milk producing States which account for over 90% of the country’s milk production. Coverage of NDP I will however be across the country in terms of benefits accruing from the scheme. 

“As a part of scientific approach, the programme implementation requires an enabling policy environment by the 14 eligible states such as notification of bovine breeding policy and prevention and control of infectious and contagious diseases in Animal Act, adoption of common protocol and standard operating procedure, only the best grade (A&B) semen to be used for breeding purposes etc. All the 14 States have either complied or committed to comply with the requisite policy measures within a given timeline. Although the compliance of key policy measures by the State Governments took some time in procedural formalities during the first year of programme implementation, the speed of project approval and implementation has gained momentum during current financial year. 

“So far 117 sub projects from 14 states have been approved with a total outlay of Rs. 786 crore. Under Project Management and learning 8 projects with a total outlay of Rs. 18 crore have been approved.” 

The Consultative Committee of MPs was called specifically to discuss the implementation of the National Dairy Plan. Minister of State for Agriculture and Food Processing Industries, Shri Tariq Anwar and MPs from Lok Sabha (S/Shri A. Ganeshamurthi, K.P. Dhanapalan, Kunvarjibhai Bavalia, M. Krishnaswamy and Dr. Pulin Bihari Baske) and Rajya Sabha (Dr. K.P. Ramalingam, Smt. Mohsina Kidwak and Smt. Renubala Pradhan) were attended the meeting. 

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