Monday, 25 November 2013

Polish Film Director Agnieszka Holland Meet the Press

Agnieszka Holland Meet the Press
The `noted Polish film director, Agnieszka Holland met the press here today at the 44th IFFI. Speaking about her latest work ‘Burning Bush’ she said the film is not about communism but shows grey sides of people’s choices. 

The film works as a therapy to the people of the generation of communist era, who suffered oppression and chose not to discuss or speak about it. 

A student‘s immolation to protest against the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia changes the things after 20 years signifying that the impressions of the sacrifice remained burning. 

The Goa festival is presenting the six – film retrospective to acquaint the film aficionados with the content and craft of noted Polish film director, Agnieszka Holland. 

Her films underline decaying ideals, crisis of identities, human despair and a universal struggle to overcome maladies of the mankind. Her work traverses through the social and political landscape of Poland profiled by its most turbulent times – World War II, Solidarity Movement and the Communist regime. 

Ms Agnieszka Holland began her career under the guidance of master like Andrzej Wajda and Krzystoff Zanussi. She studied film-making at Prague’s Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU). Her films ‘Angry Harvest’ (1985) and ‘In Darkness’ (2010) earned nominations for the Academy Award for best Foreign Language Film. Her 1991 feature, ‘Europa, Europa’ won a Golden Globe for the Best Foreign Language Film. Her other best known films include ‘To Kill A Priest’ (1988), ‘The Secret Garden’ (1993) and ‘Burning Bush’ (2013). 

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